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The North Shore Veterinary Hospital’s Commencement Tale:

Dr. Fredericks founded the North Shore Veterinary Hospital.

North Shore Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1931 on Vernon Valley Road in Northport, NY, by Dr. Arthur Fredericks upon his graduation from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. In the ’30s, Dr. Fredericks spent his early years as a farm veterinarian, caring for all types of animals.

Over 75 years of experience in animal care.

In the early 1930s, people traveled on dirt roads via horse and buggy. Penicillin had not yet been invented and old wooden crates were used to house pets. Food scraps were collected from local restaurants to feed them, and boarding was only 25 cents a day.

Dr. Fredericks continued his veterinary career for the next 60 years, becoming a well-respected ‘character’ in the local community.

Three Generations of Excellence in Compassionate Veterinary Care

In 1969, Dr. Fredericks’ son Richard joined the practice after also completing his Veterinary degree from Cornell University. He built one of the largest Large Animal Veterinary practices on Long Island while maintaining a strong small animal practice and was one of the first to become licensed in using acupuncture techniques to aid western medicine.

In 1985, Dr. Richard W. Fredericks moved the practice from the original Northport, NY location and changed the concentration to smaller companion animals. In 1996, the third generation Cornell University graduate followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Dr. Russell W. Fredericks began his veterinary career in Florida where he became medical director of two veterinary hospitals. However, in 1999, the family business was calling him back to Long Island and he returned to join his father and take over the reins at NSVH. The youngest Dr. Fredericks continues the tradition of providing a warm, friendly atmosphere while creating a cutting-edge veterinary hospital.

The doctors of NSVH are respected and admired for the excellent veterinary care they provide as well as the charity work they do for local shelters and rescue groups. Today, North Shore Veterinary Hospital is a multi-vet practice bringing talented and dedicated DVM’s into the community to ensure that our clients continue to receive the best possible medical care for their animals.

Comprehensive Veterinary Care Services for Your Beloved Pets

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